Friday, May 24, 2024
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The Dress

So here it is. The dress that broke a lot of friendships, brought tears to many eyes, and caused a phenomenon on social media. This is the dress that looks white and gold to some people but black and blue to others. For me, no matter how many times I look at it from different lightings, brightness levels, and angles, this dress looks as white and gold as it gets. (Apparently the dress in actuality is black and blue, which still blows my mind). There is a scientific reason behind this, (which I could try to comprehend but it would quite possibly take me years on end) but the bottom line is that some people see this dress as completely different colors than others do. Several of my friends saw both color schemes, even claiming that the colors switch back and forth. The dress is consistently white and gold in my eyes, and at some points I even felt envious of people that could see it as black and blue. From my observations on social media, there were three different groups of people that voiced their opinions on the night this dress emerged to haunt us. Group A: The individuals that were freaking out, debating, and arguing on what color this dress was. Group B: The individuals that were desperately searching for and coming up with possible explanations (which may or may not have made sense) for this catastrophe. Group C: The individuals telling groups A and B to shut up because “who cares what color this dress is?” and “there are more important things in the world that people could be discussing”. Here’s the thing. Everyone sees situations differently, and sometimes it is actually impossible to see things from someone else’s point of view. Whether it’s our retinas or our minds deceiving us, people (myself included) can’t be hung up on the idea that only our own opinion is right. To get my point across, let’s say the dress is like life. We all see it from different perspectives, but in the end, life is life, just like a dress is a dress. And to be honest, I think the idea of everyone seeing life in different colors is pretty cool. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone had the exact same point of view? In the end, our differences are what make us great. And when it is impossible to see the same things, we should be helping each other to see the others’ point of view instead of trying to convince each other of which colors are “right”, or looking down on the people who see it “wrong”. If we do this, maybe, we’ll stop defining each other by color, or shape, or physical or mental ability. Maybe, we’ll all be able to look at life harmoniously through our different eyes. 

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