Thursday, September 19, 2019
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4th Annual Garage Sale for a Cure!

Saturday, September 25th    8am-2pm

1401 Ambleside Circle (in West Wind), Naperville IL 60540


 Kyra Scadden, now a 6th grader at Hill Middle School in Naperville, is hosting her 4th annual fundraiser to raise money for a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. SMA is the disease that her best friend Angie has been suffering from since she was born.


 Kyra and Angie became friends in the summer of 2006 and were quickly “Best Friends”. She was very concerned about Angie’s condition and also didn’t like that other people didn’t understand her disease. She originally decided to collect pennies to help find a cure for SMA. Within days her and her older sister, Becca, had decided to donate the proceeds of an upcoming garage sale to the cause. As the community discovered what was happening the support was overwhelming. Her goal was to raise $200 and everyone was amazed when the girls were able to raise over $9,400 in 10 days! Kyra was even more excited that people understood Angie’s condition and were comfortable talking about it.  When asked if she would have the sale again, Kyra said she would raise money for SMA until a cure was found. Kyra

and her family are very excited about this year’s event and even more excited by the amazing advances in SMA Research.  With the generous support of our community Kyra has been able to send more than $30,000 to Families of SMA, an organization that funds research for a cure.

 This year’s sale will be on Saturday September 25th 8-2pm. We want to invite you to this exciting garage sale fundraiser for a cure. It will be a big event that is fun for the whole family! We will have lots of great items for sale, food, drinks, silent auction, raffle and more! Bring your kids & go shopping, there is something for everyone. Meet Angie and Kyra!

 If you’re unable to come to the event, there are some really great ways everyone can help:

Donate used items for the sale, provide gift cards/merchandise/services for our auction, “Shop for a cure” on our website, collecting pennies, or help us get the word out! For details, please visit or contact us at You can see the YouTube video clip that girls made for the sale at

Thank you for continuous support for Families of SMA.  I hope to see you all at the sale.


Kim and Edmund Lee – Jungin Angie Lee (SMA Type 2)’s parents.

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